Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was standing in a fit of laughter and tears.  I look at L's teacher and say, "I'm not sure if I'm laughing or crying right now."

I had gone to pick L up from school, as I do every day.  She comes walking out with her classmates and sits on the bench beside me.  I stand up to talk to her teacher, inform her about the study that L has entered in to.  (She started taking some pills as part of a Fragile X drug trial called STX209.)  That's when it all starts . . .

It rained just a little bit this morning, enough to leave small puddles on the sidewalk.  I look over and see L jumping around in circles, bounding up in down in a few puddles, with her socks and shoes off.  When did she have time to do that!?

I look at her teacher and we both giggle.  I look back at L, who has proceeded to walk further down the walk way, and she is pulling her second leg out of her pants.

There's my daughter, standing there in her (oversized, thank goodness) t-shirt and pull-up.  No pants. No socks. No shoes.  Just bare legs from the hips down.

By this time, tears are running down my face and I am hiding behind a column of bricks because I just can not stop laughing. This is not a time to laugh! That only encourages the behavior.  But it's impossible not to, especially for me ;)

One of her teachers is able to bring L back to the porch where she proceeds to attempt to put L's pants back on.  L suddenly turns in to a soft pretzel. Legs cross, arms flail like she's made of rubber, body morphs in to a water wigglie, lacking control, even from an outside source.  This is about the time I say my quote mentioned above.

It was quite a sight, seeing 3 grown women unable to maneuver this 5 year old child into a position to put on her clothes.  She finally gets her pants put back on and takes off down the walk way again. (She's a fast little sucker!)

Since she is not responding to my beckoning, I take off my high heels (what a day to choose to wear a dress and heels, huh? -- yes! I own some!!) and go down to get her.  I put my shoes back on and proceed to carry a 39 pound mass of gel that is bent in half, backward, down the steps to my car.  How I didn't fall and/or break a heel, I have no idea!

The car ride to daycare was not lacking in entertainment, either.  Apparently, she managed to get a kazoo inside the vehicle and had no qualms about creating the most interesting, loud, and animated song I've ever heard.  I broke out in fits of laughter several times in that 20 minute drive.

Suffice it to say, something happened to my child today.  I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but the only change has been the meds.  It doesn't seem as though it's possible, seeing as she's only taken 3 pills so far, but if this is an effect of those . . . it should be an interesting 4 months!!!!

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