Sunday, November 13, 2011


I love hearing, first thing in the morning, the sound of the girls singing songs together.  Half the time they're singing different songs and trying to sing over the other one so that she joins in the selected song.  Therefore, they both get continually louder and louder, each singing their own song, until it ends up in a fit of laughter.  I lay in bed listening to this with a smile on my face.  It's one of the best sounds on earth! (Of course, this would be better if this weren't occurring at 5:30 in the morning!)  :)

Later in the day, they will be playing in their room and all I hear is continual laughter.  I rarely check on them because this causes them to get interrupted, lose focus, and stop playing together.  I can only imagine what they're doing during these times:  tickling each other, throwing all of their clothes out of their drawers, yanking down the drapes, pulling the mattress off K's bed (she's still in a toddler bed), etc.  The only reason I can assume these things is because we have to work together later to clean up the aftermath.  Heck, maybe that's NOT what they're doing.  Maybe the closet monster gets jealous and does it for them and they're just laughing at him . . .

I enjoy the moments they play together so well.  Luckily, these moments outnumber the moments they fight.  The greatest joy in the world is seeing your children's smiling, laughing faces as they give each other hugs and plan their next devilish moves against me, together!  :)

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